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​Getting Married anywhere in the greater New Hampshire Seacoast Area?

Whether you're planning an outdoor ceremony at a 
favorite spot, having a formal traditional function, or a just want a simple wedding service at your home or mine...I can help!

I look forward to assisting both of you to make your Wedding Day a Personal Expression of who you both are.  

Your Marriage License....What is the first step?
The couple getting married is responsible for picking up their own NH Marriage License application, which can be done at any NH Town Office, which does not have to be the same Town as your wedding service. The Town Clerk fills out a portion of your license, and you'll need to bring it with you to your wedding service. As your JP, I'll sign your license after your service, making your marriage official. I'll then mail your license back to the same Town Office where your marriage is then recorded. A copy of your license can be later obtained from that Town Office in about 2-3 weeks.
Don't wait too long. Marriage license applications are only valid for 90 days after they're issued by a Town Office.
Frequently Asked Questions
So Much To Do....So Little Time....
What about Our Vows?
No Problem, you do not have to be a New Hampshire Resident to get married in NH, although you still need to get a NH marriage license. Many couples come to the beautiful State of New Hampshire for their wedding service. If neither of you is from NH, you'll need to file for a License Application in the NH Town where you plan to be married. If one or both of you already lives in NH, but just not in the Town where you plan to be married, then you'll have the choice to acquire your license from the NH Town where either of you live, or, can get your Marriage License Application from the Town where your wedding service will be performed, it's up to you. Whether or not you're residents of NH, a NH Marriage always requires first obtaining a NH Marriage License Application.
What if we're not from New Hampshire?
Unfortunately, Town Offices will not just send you a marriage license, both of you need to make a personal appearance. Exceptions may be made when a partner is enlisted in the US Military, but it will be up to the Town Office how this is handled. Be sure to bring a Photo ID, like: Your Driver's Licenses, an ID issued by the DMV, a Passport, or a valid Military Card. You may also need your original certified birth certificates, and be prepared to provide your Social Security numbers. Applicants who have been divorced or widowed should plan on bringing a copy of their divorce decree, annulment, or death certificate as applicable. It's best to check with the Town Office first before you make the trip together.
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NH Civil Unions/Marriages, what you should know?
Will the Town Office just send me a Marriage License? What information will they need?
If you are seeking a Civil Union/Marriage Service, you will need to get a Marriage License Application, via the same procedures described above. 
(note: the following information may be dated given the evolving laws and statutes in this area, so be sure to check for any updates)

Same-Sex Marriages are relatively new in NH, and as such you should seek further information from both State or Federal websites to familarize yourself with how these new laws impact your rights and benefits as a couple on both a State & Federal level.

All Civil Unions are now recognized as Marriages in the State of NH as of January 1, 2011. It's legal status is on par with a traditional marriage, but only with regards to NH State Laws, and not Federal Law, (See for a list of NH laws and rights). NH Civil Marriages are NOT guaranteed recognition outside of New Hampshire, and Civil Marriage law in NH does not grant the same 1138 federal rights associated with marriage, which include the favorable provisions pertaining to federal taxation, social security benefits, immigration, veteran benefits, health insurance benefits and more. Benefits from Private Sector Employer based health plans may or may not recognize spousal or family benefits to partners covered by a NH Civil Union. 
Wedding vows, their length and content are entirely up to the couple getting married, and most couples rely on me to put something together for them. Once I have a sense of what a couple is looking for, I'll write their vows, and e-mail a draft. 
Don't stress on the vows, I've got you covered. While ceremonies performed by Justices of the Peace are traditionally non-denominational, some couples prefer to incorporate religious references in their vows, either choice is easily accommodated.
Claire Robidas-Adams
Dover, NH